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18 england/bournemouth/wish I was a cool kid/obsession with the times that have passed/ good music/ just another uninteresting teen.

Camel ride #beach #morocco


"This is a picture that i’d like to have shown at my funeral you know you have photos of the person that died. This shows me in one of the happiest times of my life. Just young stoked on surfing and about as happy as a kid could be. Pop pier was a perfect place to start surfing at. We had plenty of surf and Pop had a few different spots to surf at." - Jay adams



LEDGEND! Jay Adams with his hand paintd board. Soooo Dope! R.I.P Jay Forever THE Coolest Man <3



I don’t know shit about photography, but the person who took this shot must be given the highest award of them all.

this is breathtaking

fuckkking amazing

SKÓGAFOSS (by euskadi 69)


Hola de nuevo, amigos.
El día de hoy quisiera compartir con ustedes uno de mis proyectos más ambiciosos para este año.
La única cosa que probablemente amo más que la Ilustración es la música y Queens Of The Stone Age es probablemente mi banda favorita. Por este motivo mi amigo Mario Rodriguez (alias Masprine y también un gran fan de QOTSA) y yo tuvimos una idea que hemos estado trabajando desde hace un par de meses…
Diseñar un poster para QOTSA sería un sueño hecho realidad, es por eso que decidimos hacer unos nostros mismos, aprovechando que la banda viene a tocar a México y a otros países de America Latina. Creo que nada podría ser mejor que ver nuestros posters siendo usados para promocionar uno de los conciertos.
Necesitamos su apoyo para ayudarnos a difundirlos y de alguna forma hacérselo llegar a Josh Homme y a la banda y con un poco de suerte nuestro trabajo, pasión y esfuerzo no pasarán desapercibidos.
Cualquier información o ayuda para lograr esto será sumamente agradecida!!!
Por favor, compartan! :D
Mike Sandoval.

Hello again, folks!
Today i want to share with you one of my more ambitious projects for this year. The only thing I love more than illustration is music and Queens Of The Stone Age is probably my favorite band ever. This is why me and my friend Mario Rodriguez (aka Masprine, and also a huge QOTSA fan) came up with something we’ve been cooking for the last couple of months…
Designing a gig poster for QOTSA would be a dream come true, that’s why we decided to make our own, specially now that they are coming to play in Mexico and other countries in Latin America. Nothing would be better than seeing our posters being used to promote a QOTSA show.
We need your support to help us spread the word and get to show the posters to Josh Homme and all the band and luckily our work, effort and passion won’t pass unnoticed.
Any info or help to make this happen would be awesome!!!
Please Share :D
Mike Sandoval 

Reblogging because not only was I contacted about these, but as a fellow Queens fan I want to help these guys out. I honestly don’t know a lot about how the gig poster world works (in terms of how one gets commissioned) but I’m sure spreading the word at least gets the images shared.